A modern hydroponic growing medium

Why GrowZorb



High oxygen






Plants take root in one to three days!

Young plants have a shorter period of instability. Rapid root growth also results in buds sooner in the season.

No need to prewash!

Growzorb consists of a continuous matrix of small connected cells.  As there are no “fines” or loose particulates there is no need to wash/rinse anything out.

Circulate is ready to use on Day 1

Minimum oxygen

@ Maximum saturation


When GrowZorb is “flooded” with water it will still have a minimum of 60%  oxygen content. This is due to the ability of GrowZorb to “shed” excess water from the cell walls.

If irrigation is compromised, plants in GrowZorb take longer to wither/flag because all of the water within the slab is readily available. The GrowZorb matrix is an adsorbent as opposed to absorbent.  The difference being that an adsorbent creates a film of water on the surface of the adsorbent whereas an absorbent will soak up the water to its very core.  Once soaked into the core it is difficult to release leaving less available water while decreasing the oxygen ratio.

Example:  sand = adsorbent – holds less water but gives it up freely

                 cotton = absorbent – holds lots of water and holds on to it


Therefore the water that is available in a GrowZorb slab is 100% available and ready to

use at any time. This is why a GrowZorb slab can withstand an irrigation problems better than the competition.

Reusable multiple times

Can be used for multiple seasons with no special treatment. The structure will not break down over the growing cycle. Oxygen content remains constant.


Easy Disposal

GrowZorb can be crushed down with minor compression to a 15:1 ratio or with heavy compression a 35:1 ratio. Less to send to recycling. Can be recycled.

GrowZorb Close Up Video

GrowZorb at the Abu Dhabi

Farmers Services Centre

Precision Growing

Precision growing is the ability to control all aspects of a plant’s characteristics.

This is done by controlling specific growth cycles by means of varying inputs and

environmental conditions.


The GrowZorb slab is well suited for precision growing as it is very controllable on the moisture content.  Its adsorbent nature allows for a quick response.

GrowZorb, is a synthetic growth medium designed to improve hydroponics.


GrowZorb meets the demands of today for a superior precise growth medium.



Technical Specifications

Density - 0.0011 g/cm3


PH - Neutral


Reactivity - None

                  100% inert

More Information


Material Safety Data Sheet

Download MSDS


Dr. Michael Dixon (Controlled Environment Systems – University of Guelph)

In this comparative test on GrowZorb growing substrate, the growth tests on the finalized formulation of SN fine cell crushed with seedlings started in rockwool plugs showed no differences in growth over the 36 day period when compared to the standard greenhouse industry rockwool product.  Rockwool plugs are currently the industry standard for transplant production, so replacing rockwool slabs with GrowZorb slabs should not have an impact on tomato production.  The GrowZorb slabs are also excellent at holding water and are able to be easily rewetted.  Although not tested here, rewetability after a period of no water (eg extended pump failure) is a property lacking in rockwool.  A high water holding capacity is a desirable characteristic which can reduce crop failure in periods of mechanical or electrical malfunction where water delivery is interrupted.1



1. CESRF Report - Evaluating the Physical and Chemical Properties of GrowZorb and the Efficacy of the Production of Transplants in GrowZorb Plugs and Cubes.



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